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Book Tennessee Waltz to play to your friends and family, in the comfort of your own home!



"Housegigs" are becoming the go-to event for people wanting to put on something special for  their friends and family. They can be indoors, or outdoors as part of a garden party!

We're now booking housegigs

for 2022 AND 2023 in the

Merseyside, Cheshire and North

Wales areas  (*or possibly further

afield, so please ask!).

Housegigs are a lovely way to give

people the chance to enjoy an

up-close and personal live music

experience in the comfort of your home.


See the video below for an example performance, and if you would like to book our acoustic country music duo to play to your friends and family then please get in touch!

* We may on occasion require expenses to be covered depending on how far away we are required to travel (accommodation and petrol costs). But we will make this clear on application when we have your address details. Price will be quoted on application.


  • You need a space (indoors or outdoors) big enough to accommodate around 20 people (plus the duo and our instruments!).​ 

  • We don't charge one set fee for playing*; but instead we ask for donations at the end of the night (no minimum amount, whatever people are happy to give) and the chance to sell a few CDs.

  • Then you organise the night as you would any other house party in terms of invitations, food, drink etc.

It's important to differentiate a housegig from performing background music at a house party:

  • In a house gig, we will play a concert for your guests (daytime or evening, indoors or outdoors!).

  • We will usually perform for up to 2 hours, with a short break in between 2 sets. 

  • Our performance will include mainly original songs of Jimmy's from his two albums, plus a number of carefully selected covers. 

INTERESTED? Send us a message on our Contact page and we'll get back to you!

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